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 My name is Rev. Angelleighia. I am an Intuitive Energy Consultant and Spiritual Adviser/Counselor, with Intuitive Readings By Angelleighia.
I am also, a practicing Reiki Energy worker, while also using my own technique. I maneuver energies, how it works for me while
also listening to your spirit; sensing how you need it doneI have helped people while living or traveling in Missouri, Iowa,
Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina and Louisiana. I have read people for the last 25+ years on the topics of their;
physical health, loved ones that have past, guidance of their spiritual gifts, and overall balanced well-being and
guidance for their spirit, mind and heart.Sometimes a reading will not be what you wanted to hear, but rather what you needed
to hear. Your reading is not forced on you because as the reading progresses, you can sense that it is what was vital to your growth.
These are the most powerful healing readings that change your life, if, you so choose to do the work. Freewill is ALWAYS in your control.
Through your energies of spirit, mind and body, I use the modalities of Tarot Cards, the Fairy Oracle, "Yes or No" card questions,
and Stones. For my energy work I incorporate; a feather fan, Myrrh, and my hands to clear, cleanse and break free negative in,
on or around you. Positive energy is used to fill those spaces before any negative can settle back in. I have also included in
my services, a 15-30 minute Foot- Detox Bath, for those of you interested. I can assure you to the footbath working.
I have progressive pictures of my own foot soak for proof.On a more personal note, I am third generation that I know of;
but my tendencies go towards Shamanism; with many previous lives living that way.My wish for you is to find the right
adviser/counselor/healer FOR YOU.  If I feel like I am not the right person to help you on your path or journey,
I will be glad to point you to someone who could.