Elf and Omar


Meet two of Our Healers — Elf and Omar!!!

Omar and Elf are Licensed Ministers; Book MC2014; Pages 57 and 58.

They came into this world with a great many gifts and skills; such as, seeing into other realms, seeing auras, and seeing transitioned people. All of this has developed into Energy Healing for pets, plants and people.

Elf has a BS in Human Services/Creative Expressive Therapy and has used this to fine tune her skills in emotional healing and counseling and in her intuitive nutritional counseling. She has studied herbal medicine, Homeopathic nutrition, aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies for over 40 years. Elf leads groups of women in creating Moon Water – and an ancient rite called “Drawing Down of the Moon” – which can be used in healing. Elf, also, does Ionic Foot Detox Baths.

Omar is an accomplished spiritual painter, healer and is also skilled in the craft of Channeling. Omar is a long distance healer. He works extensively with stones and conducts lectures on how to use stones.

Omar and Elf also do house and property cleansing to rid your space of negative energies and spirits. They make healing wands and other spiritually oriented art. They have both completed Healing Touch 1 and 2. They have had their Healing Arts business for 9 years.

~ Elf and Omar

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