So what is with all the metaphysical conversation anyways? Well we are here to educate based upon our collective years of research and experience. One thing that is true of any path you follow — we are all seeking something.

The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is to live it every day.

Each one of us are on our own journeys. Sometimes these journeys need teachers or lessons, or perhaps just a tool to help you get through. Here at O.P.E.R.A., we pride ourselves in being the oldest Metaphysical association in the state of Oklahoma.




Why not gather together, pool our resources and bring that knowledge to the public!?

So simple, yet so essential, the founders of O.P.E.R.A. started the organization in 1975. The idea back then remains the same as it is today – Educate through Research. Each of our members is full of information and knowledge. They bring to the table the capacity to educate everyone around them … and they do so through readings, blessings items, lectures, and just talking with our customers!

So what exactly can you expect from Metaphysical Faire?

  • Expert Readings from Tested, Professional Readers of all Backgrounds
  • Charms and Jewelry to offer to yourself or Loved Ones
  • Lectures from our Experienced Members and Vendors
  • Great Atmosphere, Wonderful Energy and Exciting New Ventures

There are definitely a large variety of items that can be purchased at our vendor booths!

so come on by and check us out!