Hibiscus is a well known herb used in many craft rituals, teas, Hawaiian ceremonies, divination and medicinal purposes. While you can find this beautiful gem all over the world it is most known as the national flower of Haiti and South Korea. But let’s dig a little deeper.

Hibiscus corresponds with Venus and Water.

Being an herb with Venus and water correlations makes this plant perfect when working with emotional ailments. When the flowers are dried and cured they become a perfect herb that can be used for a variety of magical and healing works.

This beautiful flower comes in a large variety of colors (white, blue, pink, yellow, etc.) but is most commonly found in it’s native red. This red bud is what we most often find in out dried herb cabinets. But when ordering or buying your dried form, remember to do your research and make sure your purchasing from a reputable dealer. Pesticide free and all organic is the way to go with anything you think about consuming.

Hibiscus is used frequently is magic work. We can find it in healing sachets, spell kits, blessing items, altar decorations, or burning it as an incense. You can literally use it for just about anything your heart desires! This flower is however, most commonly used to attract love or passion. When burned with dried Sage it can clear out the negativity in your love life and help you attract positive energies. Trying to divine when your next true love will arrive? Try adding some hibiscus for extra clarity in love matters!

But magic and spells are not nearly all this lovely lady can do

How about a nice cup of Hibiscus tea that helps combat bacterial infections, carcinogens, and high blood pressure? Oh yes, it CAN do all that … and more! The Egyptians are the most noted with drinking Hibiscus tea for it’s ability to help them stay healthy. But it does not stop there. Head on over to WebMD or Healthline to learn more.

So have yourself a nice cup of Hibiscus tea next time your feeling down and out … or sick to your stomach.


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