October 2017 – Faire Pictures


We wanted to offer everyone a little insight into our Faire — or rather, some photographs! We are blessed with an amazing group of vendors and readers that join us each time and we think they should all be highlighted!

Just a few pics of our beloved Vendors, Readers, and Members!

If you are interested in becoming a member, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page! It has a direct email link, or you can catch up with us on our many social media accounts!



Not all vendors are readers – just as not all readers are vendors! But at our Faire you can be guaranteed to find whatever your heart’s desire! Looking for special jewelry? Or maybe you need a wand or some dried herbs? Come out and see what our many vendors offer!

Stones, Gems and minerals


Stones and gems and minerals are not new to the metaphysical markets. As long as the Faire has been around humans have been able to harness their sacred powers and vendors have been digging them up and polishing them for the masses for decades. Our vendors offer a large variety of beautiful specimens for everyone’s taste!

herbs, jewelry and readers